Dirty roulette hack you must try if you want to win

Try to hack RouletteDo you believe in shortcuts in roulette even if it involves a dirty roulette hack? If your answer to this question is a yes, then you are in the right place and you should be ready to take notes.

Besides making a lot of money, rigging a casino and getting away with it is fun but only if you lack conscience, which is a characteristic of most gamblers. This article will take you through these dirty waters.

Identify a biased wheel and a dealer’s mistakes

Dealer roulette hackCasino tables are made by human hands and they are therefore subject to many errors. In addition, they experience wear and tear especially if they have been used for long periods of time.

Although the management is usually very keen on these errors, if you are lucky to identify one before they do, then capitalizing on it will earn you huge returns.

Tables suffering from these problems tend to have a certain pattern of winning pockets. Once you spot such a table, take your time and test your theory before jumping in.

Dealers usually undergo a thorough training before they are assigned a table. Part of this training involves learning how to roll the roulette ball in a random velocity over the wheel. However, these people are not robots and they also get fatigued.

Still, some online money games in india are very effective and they organize these croupiers in such a way that they do not get overwhelmed by the work. If you happen to spot a tired or bored dealer, do not hesitate to utilize this opportunity.

These people tend to become careless and they make simple mistakes.

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Tricks revolving around chips

Any action committed with the intent to defraud a casino is illegal but past posting and pinching chips are some of the greatest crimes.

If you are a beginner in gambling, then perhaps you should stay clear of this dirty roulette hack as it is used by very experienced cheat teams. Just before the ball rests, the croupier leans over to identify the landing point.

It is during this time that you, as the con artist, switch your color or number to the winning bet. This is what is referred to as past posting.

Roulette hackYou can also conceal a high-value chip beneath one of a smaller value.

In case you lose, you take out the high-value chip and show the other one to prevent incurring huge losses. On the other hand, if you win, you can pretend this was the dealer’s mistake and claim for the higher returns.

These actions have to be very fast and stealthy. Most casinos know these schemes and they are usually very cautious especially in the past posting.


A dirty roulette hack can lead you into a lot of trouble especially in live betting. Human beings, however, tend to perceive risky situations fun and schemes such as these if mastered well can earn you a good reputation especially among your friends.

You should still be cautious and you should avoid popularity associated with these hacks. Plan your moves in secret and make money silently without involving a lot of people – use this link.

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